Chairman's Message

Dear Esteemed Colleagues, Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

It is undoubtedly a great honour for me to be blessed with a unique opportunity of serving the members and students as 34th Chairman of Visakhapatnam Branch of SIRC of ICAI. I thank the Managing Committee Members for electing me as Chairman of this most Dynamic and vibrant Branch in the State of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2018-19. I accept it with a deep sense of professional responsibility and commitment.
It is my pleasure and privilege to communicate with you all through our Branch Newsletter, as the Chairman of our esteemed & illustrious Visakhapatnam Branch of SIRC of ICAI.
I take the opportunity to thank all the members and past chairmen of Visakhapatnam branch for their support and best wishes without which I could not have achieved this position.
I congratulate the new team of office bearers of the branch CA. M. Chalapathy Rao, Vice Chairman, CA. G. Bharathi Devi, Secretary, CA. V. Rama Prasad, Treasurer, CA. G. B. Gupta, Chairman –SICASA, CA. D. Chandrasekhara Reddy, Editor, CA K. Ramachandra Rao, Member, CA B. Venkat Rao, Member for being elevated to respective positions and for having accepted the challenges and serve the profession. I thank CA E Phalguna Kumar, Past Chairman SIRC and Ex-officio of the branch for all his support. I congratulate CA. B. Venkata Rao, immediate past Chairman for taking the branch activities to a new high by conducting Seminars, Workshops, Certificate Course on Goods and Services Tax. The Two Day Conference- Spoorthi, in VUDA Children Theatre was the pinnacle of his tenure as Chairman of the Branch.

My Heart full congratulations to CA. B. Venkata Rao and his team for having received the Best Branch Award in medium category at SIRC level for the year 2017- 18. It is a great achievement to get the award since the criteria to be adjudged as the Best Branch is very challenging and difficult. It is a proud moment for all members of Visakhapatnam Branch.
Torch Bearers of ICAI for the year 2018-19
CA. Naveen N.D. Gupta as President and CA. Prafulla Chhajed as Vice-President assumed office on 12th February 2018 for the year 2018-19. I congratulate on behalf of all our members and convey our good wishes to the leaders of ICAI in their efforts to bring more laurels to the profession during their tenure.
Torch Bearers of SIRC of ICAI for the Year 2018-19
CA. Adusumilli Venkateswara Rao, Chairman, CA. Jomon K George, Vice Chairman, CA. China Masthan Talakayala, Secretary, CA. Babu K. Thevar, Treasurer, CA. Pannaraj S, Chairman, SICASA assumed office for the year 2018- 19. On my personal behalf and also on behalf of all our members of Visakhapatnam Branch, I extend hearty congratulations to all the new office bearers of SIRC of ICAI for the year 2018-19.
I am confident that with the support of my team members in the branch management committee combined with support of esteemed professional colleagues and past chairmen of the branch, I will be able to serve the members and students to the best of my abilities.
I would like to share some of the important decisions of Managing committee for the ensuing year. The Onetime payment scheme of Visakhapatnam Branch which is very popular in the region will be continued without any upward revision in the fee for all sections of members. Of course, the only addition is GST.
Rs. 4,000/- for members enrolled before 31.03.2013
Rs. 3,000/- for members enrolled on or after 01.04.2013
I am happy to inform you that, for the benefit of young members, we have fixed Onetime fee at Rs. 1,000/-who qualified on or after May 2017
The above One time fees is exclusive of GST.
This will cover 6 full day seminars of 6 Hrs CPE each, and 8 Half day Seminars of 3 hrs CPE each comprising a total of 60 CPE hrs. This delegate fee does not include Workshops and Special programs/Seminars.
Spot registration delegate fee is Rs.750/- for full day and Rs.400/- for half day seminars.
I request each one of you to make payments through Swiping Machine available in the Branch or online payment or through Cheques or DDs. Let us lead by example by making it a less cash transactions branch.
While I will carry on the good-work done by my predecessors, in consultation of the Managing Committee, I have some Plan of action for 2018-19.
1. Group Discussion Programs:
With the advent of technology and internet, information is available on fingertips on any subject of interest. However, there are doubts and clarifications on many issues, particularly on dynamic subjects like GST and Technology. In view of this, we thought that Group Discussion Programs may be useful for sharing knowledge with case studies. We will organise Group Discussions as per the requirement.
2. Brain Trust:
We would like to have a Brain Trust program on Income Tax for clarifying any issues including practical cases in the day to day practice of members. This is knowledge sharing exercise by experienced senior members for the benefit of younger generation in practice.
3. Andhra Pradesh State Level Conference:
We will conduct Andhra Pradesh State Level Chartered Accountants Conference by involving all the 12 branches of Andhra Pradesh.
4. Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund:
Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund is a unique fund meant for coming to the rescue of members in need of medical assistance, financial assistance and also assistance to the bereaved families of the members. Many members have contributed liberally for this benevolent activity. Particularly I would like to mention names of CA. Nunna Satyanarayana and CA. Poosarla Ramakrishna who have contributed Rupees One Lakh each to the fund. I came to know that there are many members of our branch yet to contribute for the fund. We would like to contact all such members in person to see that 100 % members of our branch are the Life Members of the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund.
5. Sports:
During the year 2013-14 SIRC has conducted sports activities across the region. I recall Visakhapatnam branch cricket team has participated in Final matches at Hyderabad.
During the year we plan to conduct Cricket Matches between Members and Income Tax Department, Members Vs Students, etc. We will take lead to conduct sports events at Andhra Pradesh state level after discussing with my colleague chairmen of other branches.
6. Residential Courses:
We plan to organise a Residential Conference at Baruva/Jagadalpur. We also plan to have a Seminar and pilgrimage in Srikakulam covering all the important Temples in the dist.
7. Young Members:
We would like to conduct a felicitation cum guidance program for newly qualified members two times in a year after results. Another program will be conducted on ‘How to setup practice’. Further we will have programs on important practical subjects of practice.
8. Members in Industry:
We will conduct half yearly one program focussing on subject of interest for the benefit of members in industry.
9. Student activities:
We will also organise various programs for the benefit of students such as Seminars, Workshops and special sessions for the benefit of the students.
I look forward to your continued support in taking our branch to newer heights to serve the members and students.
Forthcoming Programs
During this month, we are organizing Full day Seminar on Bank Audit, Half Day Workshop on Bank Audit and half day seminar on Bank Audit for Students and Staff of CA Firms. Details of the forthcoming programs are published elsewhere in the Newsletter.
Coming to events conducted during February 2018, I thank CA. K. C. Devidas and CA. Sangu Ramakrishna for addressing the members on Analysis of Finance Bill 2018 on 10th February. The program was organized jointly with Visakha Tax Bar Association
On 17th February 2018 we had a Seminar on Penalties followed by Introduction of New Office Bearers for the 2018-19. I convey my heartfelt thanks to CA. T. Banusekar for addressing our members on the topic. I convey my sincere thanks to CA. C.V.S. Murthy for accepting our invitation to be the Chief Guest of the program. I am blessed to have the gracious presence of CA. C.V.S. Murthy. The Team of New Office bearers are indebted for the blessings and wishes given by esteemed Members and well-wishers.
My thanks to CA. Ashish Agarwal for addressing the members in the Study Circle Meeting on GST.
I request members to give their valuable suggestions and guide me from time to time for the benefit of our profession.
I once again express my sincere gratitude to Regional Council members and Central Council members, Branch past Chairmen, and other members who have greeted me on assuming the charge.

With Warm Regards
CA. B. Sreeramamurty