Chairman's Message

Fraternal Greetings…. Fraternal Greetings….
Indeed it is a great pleasure to me to interact with you through this first communication as Chairperson Visakhapatnam branch of SIRC of ICAI. My heartfelt thanks to each one of you for showering the blessings on me to occupy the coveted post of the illustrious branch. I am very much delighted to inform you that I am the second lady chairperson of this esteemed branch.
It reminds me the day, I entered into the Managing Committee of Visakhapatnam branch in the year 2016, as a Chairperson SICASA, I took the baton from my predecessors to carry out the rich heritage and legacy of the illustrious branch devolved on me. The credit of my success as a Chairperson SICASA goes to all members and students of the Visakhapatnam branch for their unstinted support apart from blessings of Regional and Central Council Members.
When I look back the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019 I cherish the moments of my participation and association with Senior Members in the committee as Treasurer , Secretary and Vice- chairperson .
As the 36th Chairperson of this branch, on behalf of members of the branch, I convey greetings and wishes to the recently elected Hon’ble President CA. Atul Kumar Gupta and Vice-President CA. J Nihar Niranjan. I trust and hope during their leadership our profession will definitely reach newer heights.
My heartfelt greetings to our own member and Central Council Member CA. D Prasanna Kumar on his elevation being nominated to all the Four Standing Committees of ICAI besides nominated as Vice- chairman and Convener to two Non-standing and one Non-standing committee respectively apart from as a member of several Non-standing committees of ICAI.
I congratulate Chairman SIRC of ICAI CA. Dungar Chand U. Jain and his team. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors. Dear members it is so momentous to me to become Chairperson in the year 2020 as my journey started as Chairman- SICASA in the year 2016 and both years of my respective Chairmanship’s are Leap years. I thank the almighty for giving me one more day in the month of February to serve Visakhapatnam branch. It is also to inform you that the 29th February 2020 fallen on Saturday and we need to wait for another 28 years i.e., we witness Saturday on 29th February 2048 only. As you are all aware our branch has been conducting programmes regularly on Saturdays and in continuation of the same the branch has been organizing a full day seminar on 29th February 2020 and I request all the members to participate in the meeting being a leap year special.
I humbly seek the support from all the members of the three districts of Visakhapatnam branch to actively participate in the branch programs and enrich their knowledge.
Dear Members,
As all these years barring a few times the members from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Anakapalli have been attending all the programs conducted at Visakhapatnam. Now as a gesture extending to the members of the said places, I am contemplating to conduct members program at each of the places of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Anakapalli apart from CA students Awareness program.
Dear members, as you are aware, our institute has announced the CPE hour’s requirement for the block period of three years from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2022. The detailed notification given inside the News Letter.
I am also committed to conduct maximum number of programs depending on your participation and encouragement from time to time. Dear members, our branch has been nurturing young Chartered Accountants into resource persons on various topics in recent past, who have participated in several seminars and deliberated across several branches of ICAI. Further augmenting of the same, we prepared a road map to mould the young talent not only on the professional subjects but also to become resource personal for Orientation, MCS, Advanced ITT and ITT classes also. I request all the young Chartered Accountant to come forward and utilize the opportunity.
Dear members, I am happy to announce that our branch has crossed 1000 mark membership and the present membership as on 01.04.2019 is 1060 and students are 6914.
Coming to student activities:
This year also we have concrete plans to conduct student activities with full energy and ensure the branch is heading to its last student which will be headed by the SICASA chairman.
Thank you.
CA. G. Bharathi Devi